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CBD (Cannabidiol) is a natural, legal, plant-based compound that is found in both cannabis as well as in agricultural hemp.  CBD products are appealing as promising options for people who are looking for relief from inflammation, pain, & anxiety (amongst others) without psychoactive effects usually associated with cannabis. CBD is legal at both the state & federal levels.

Our fruit jellies are 40% fruit, most of it locally sourced.  Our cherries, peaches and apples are from Pulsipher Orchard in Cornish Maine, our strawberries and raspberries are from Bowdoinham, and much of the rest is picked up at the Farmers Market in Portland.  


For almost ten years, Greg Gould has honed his craft. He has won awards in several competitions including Best of Show in 2012 & 2015 at Harry Brown’s Harvest Ball & at Canna Carnival also in 2015.

Silverchild Confectionaries


Cannabis, caregiving, and candy!!


A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down

I wasn't sure which title to use.

Silverchild Confectionaries makes small batch cannabis or hemp infused edibles Our confections aren’t your run of the mill brownie. Why eat a crappy edible? Life’s too short. And besides, being in poor health isn’t exactly pleasant. Treat yourself.

I focus on using locally sourced ingredients.  The fruit we use in our jelly candy are from local farms, mostly in Cornish, Bowdoinham and Gorham, and I get a lot of it from the Portland Farmers Market on Wednesdays in Monument Square.  My ganache and my caramel use cream and butter from local companies. 

My specialties include chocolate truffles, pate de fruit (jelly candy), caramel, exotic solid chocolates, and more.

We deliver to Portland, Falmouth, Westbrook, South Portland, and Brunswick.

You must have a valid Maine Medical Marijuana card except for CBD only or non-infused items.